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On May 1st, I wrote an article entitled “Longevity. Simplified.” within which I detailed the life-extending secrets of the Okinawans, the culture spawning many of the world’s supercentenarians (those that have lived to at least 110 years of age) and those of the nonagenarians living in Monaco – 90 is the average life expectancy there, in fact! In case you haven’t read the piece, allow me to sum it up for you: There…

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Sleep On This...

You’ve probably heard that poor sleep hygiene is associated with a whole host of diseases. Well, it’s true. I’d be an embarrassment to the neurosurgical community if I didn’t inform you of the well-documented association between lack of sleep and Alzheimer’s disease. It’s very real and thought to be specifically REM sleep deprivation (during which toxins are normally washed free from the brain through channels aptly…

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