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One's and zero's computer screen depicting a hacker's code as a metaphor for hacking your diet

10 dieting hacks for your Body + Mind – that work!

Eat Small, Frequent Meals/Snacks: A drop in blood sugar is the primary factor that tells us we’re hungry. Eating small frequent meals, especially those containing protein, helps stabilize blood sugar levels and prevents them from dipping too low, causing appetite to spike. To prevent this, “graze” throughout the day. Eat Less As The Day Goes On: In the morning, our body’s metabolism revs up, and as such, the demand…

X-Ray photo of the human brain but instead of the brain it is an image of veggies and healthy foods

Your Brain on a Diet: Part I

The brain is a biological marvel! It performs thousands of simultaneous functions and gives us the ability to think, reason, and create. Yet, for all these attributes, our brains are primarily concerned with one thing: survival. Why? Because for thousands of years, food was tough to come by. In this regard, storing fat and eating quick sources of energy (like simple sugars) was a good thing, because it enhanced…

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