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I have a question. "Are you spending countless hours scouring the internet for health-related information, information on strength training, nutrition, supplementation, you know the deal?” Well here’s the problem. There are very few reliable, pedigreed sources of information out there. And that’s where we come in. This is the FROG community. F.R.O.G., an acronym for "Forever Reaching One’s Goals." It’s a private interactive Facebook forum (originally formed by Dr. Osborn and former Navy SEAL, Ray "Cash" Care of the History Channel's, The Selection) with an open dialog-format. Within it, you’ll find a ton of health-related information on nutrition (i.e., the ketogenic and modified ketogenic diets), strength/endurance training and positive mindset, namely what it takes to acquire OPTIMAL HEALTH.


  • A personalized macronutrient-based nutrition plan.
  • Instructional videos (on strength training techniques and meal preparation, for example).
  • Discounts on nutritional supplements.

Our goal is to help you become the most optimized version of you, mentally and physically, by applying proven, cutting-edge scientific principles. This is not a “bro science” forum. That’s where others find their information. Think differently! Seek out a pedigreed source of information. F.R.O.G. is just that. And we've seen some dramatic transformations within our rapidly growing community. Just listen to this:

“After seeing the improvements in my blood work and how helpful and responsive Dr. Osborn and Melissa Hankins are, I could not be more supportive of this group! Being a personal trainer, I've seen and done a lot of programs and none have ever come close to yielding the results experienced here. Couple that with the sustainability and it is the gold standard in my book. Thank you for sharing your work, and I will keep spreading your message, "Nothing is more important than your health."  – D. Smith

And here’s the best part, you have direct access to Dr. Osborn and his team! You ask the questions, we provide the answers. We LIVE this LIFE. So say goodbye to Internet “doctors” and gurus. Instead choose the pedigreed experts, those with not only the formal training but also those who have been in the trenches. Literally.

F.R.O.G.’s popularity is growing. Rapidly! So act now. Join thousands of hard-charging individuals just like yourself. Get motivated and stay motivated! Join F.R.O.G. today. And remember, there is nothing more important than your health.

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