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Optimal Health & Fitness Seminar

Dr. Osborn conducting a seminar in front of a group of people

It’s me again, Dr. Osborn. Let me tell you about a cool event that was held on May 20, 2017. Former Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care and I, two men at the pinnacle of their fields, hosted a unique half-day seminar on Metabolic Optimization. What does this mean? Well, let me ask you a question. Did you know that the vast majority of diseases that kill us dead are, to a great degree, the product of metabolic disarray due to overconsumption of simple (high glycemic index) carbohydrates? It’s true. The vast majority of age-related diseases, atherosclerosis of the heart and peripheral blood vessels or hardening of the arteries, Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer have their roots in metabolic dysregulation. And to a great degree therefore, they're preventable! We are encouraging our bodies, by virtue of our poor diet and sedentary lifestyles, to burn sugar primarily as opposed to fat. And this has consequences. Severe consequences like heart attack and stroke.

No one wants to have his or her life foreshortened, but that’s what is happening. As obesity rates rise (to epidemic proportions), there has been a parallel rise in the incidence of age-related disease or so called NCD’s (non-communicable diseases). People are dropping like flies! Because obesity, the product of metabolic dysregulation is a “gateway disease” to many others, including type II diabetes and cancer. Does it surprise you that obesity reduces lifespan to the tune of 7-14 years, 10 on average? So its impact is dramatic and therefore its prevention critical.

we're at it again

Which is why you should attend our next seminar on Metabolic Optimization being held on September 9th in Jupiter, FL. There will be two hours of didactic lectures. I will teach you the basics of human metabolism in the context of aging and the genesis of disease. A macronutrient-based nutrition program (I despise the word “diet”) will be outlined. The program is universal. It can be applied by anyone. Why? Because it is not based on a proprietary system or frozen foods, but based on science. Attendees will undergo an InBody anthropometry assessment that will allow precise determination of basal metabolic rate (BMR), skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage, to name a few. From this data, I will design a program just for you. Even those of you who attend via LIVE stream will benefit tremendously from the impactful information. You’ll see! Literally...

Former Navy SEAL Ray Care will then take the attendees through a challenging BUD/S-style training session after delivering a short primer on mindset. These guys are someone of the toughest people on this earth, not only physically but also mentally. Health begins in the mind remember, and the right attitude therefore is required for disciplined eating habits and tolerance to challenging training sessions, two things that will you a better version of yourself! Health takes work. But you’ll get through. He will teach you how to dig deeply and push you harder than you may have believed previously possible. If you’re looking to learn from the best, Ray’s your guy. He’s one of the elite.

Our Metabolic Optimization seminar is truly a one-two punch. You will never need another “diet” again. Why? Because you will be armed with the knowledge to make the right lifestyle choices and therefore untether yourself from proprietary systems. Remember, a little know-how goes a long way.

So check it out. Because YOU are worth it!