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Cool-looking logo for Dr. Osborn's FROG Program


I have a question. "Are you spending countless hours scouring the internet for health-related information, information on strength training, nutrition, supplementation, you know the deal?” Well here’s the problem. There are very few reliable, pedigreed sources of information out there. And that’s where we come in. Former Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care of the History Channel’s, The Selection and the mov…

News Category: Weight Training
White sign on white brick wall that says "Less is More."

It Holds True to This Day...

Overtraining is spectral in that there are mild and severe forms. Walk into one of these WOD-based facilities, and you’ll likely see a bunch of weathered individuals jumping around wondering why they haven’t made the muscular gains as billed. They’re overtrained! Nearly all of them. Why? Because they subscribe to the “more is better” philosophy. Train more; train six days a week in fact, and you’l…

News Category: Weight Training
Exhausted woman on exercise bike

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Some patients come into my office under the assumption that they’ve got it all dialed in, training-wise. Here’s the usual banter, “I’ve been lifting weights for 35 years, and so I don’t need any help in that department.” Fair enough. As I’ve always prided myself on being an exceptional listener, and well aware of the fact that patients, in general, will tell me exactly what is wrong with them – no…