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News Category: Supplements
Pill bottle lying on it's side with red and blue pills spilling out

Life Extension… in a bottle?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Get Serious, page 141: “An analog of metformin will one day be launched as an “anti-aging” drug” due to its potentially life-extending effects. And this is exactly what can be inferred from the data of a recent entry in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism. Bannister, et al compared mortality in people initiated with metformin or sulphonylurea monot…

News Category: Longevity
Artful photo of an hourglass

How Old are You, Really?

Mainstream medicine is very short sighted. Historically, doctors have been taught to wait until disease arises and then hurriedly treat it. Think about heart attack victims. I bet you know someone who has had a heart attack? Do you think their arteries became clogged overnight? Of course not.  He or she had risk factors, identifiable risk factors for coronary artery disease that could have been te…

News Category: Promotion
Dr. Osborn conducting a seminar in front of a group of people

Optimal Health & Fitness Seminar

It’s me again, Dr. Osborn. Let me tell you about a cool event that was held on May 20, 2017. Former Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care and I, two men at the pinnacle of their fields, hosted a unique half-day seminar on Metabolic Optimization. What does this mean? Well, let me ask you a question. Did you know that the vast majority of diseases that kill us dead are, to a great degree, the product of metabol…