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News Category: Health
Newborn baby in crib sleeping

The “Brain-Washing” Effect of Sleep

Recently, the critical importance of sleep has come to the forefront due to conclusive evidence for sleep’s role in a variety of disease processes including obesity, coronary artery disease and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s dementia. Specifically, sleep deprivation and insomnia prime the system for the development of these lethal diseases, to name a few. The mechanism by which poo…

News Category: Weight Training
Dr Osborne, with no shirt, doing squats in his gym

Lessons Learned

A couple of “take-home” points from this past week’s training sessions, topics that have been touched upon in the pages of Get Serious and within the confines of this blog:  Squats are not bad for your back; in fact quite the opposite is true. Amidst a rucksack walk performed the day following a heavy squatting session, my friend and former division II cornerback who previously underwent a lumbar…

News Category: Weight Training
Muscular weightlifter training putting on a weight lifting belt

to beLT or not to beLT

THAT is the question. This is a common question posed to me. So is a weight belt necessary especially in the context of heavy weight loads? I started training in the early eighties, around age 12. I donned my Everlast weightlifting belt, almost as if it was some sort of rite, prior to tackling my first set of exercise. We all did, having been told that exercise potentially placed one’s low back i…