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Bullet flying through the air

A Bulletproof Metabolism

On occasion, I’ll have patients return to my clinic claiming, “The protocol didn’t work.” It always makes me laugh because unbeknownst to them they are suggesting that science has failed them. A closer look, however, reveals something a bit more sinister. And it has nothing to do with science. Instead, it has to do with people. The Science Works Every Time. How many times have you met someone on…

Group of different types of edible nuts ready for snacking

Prolon: The Fasting Mimicking Diet

Fasting has pervaded cultures for millennia. Why? Well, it was not some sort of cruel and unusual punishment inflicted upon the masses by a shaman. And although its integration and practice were deeply tied to religion, likely it was by virtue of its salubrious benefits that fasting “stuck.” People just felt better when they fasted. And there are reasons for this. Firstly, in the fasted state, bec…

blood suger reader and person testing drop of their own blood for glucose levels

Serious Glucose Tracking

For years I have been talking about the importance of blood sugar control in the context of age-related disease. I spend hours speaking about it in my lectures and even more time counseling patients in clinic about the dangers of elevated blood sugar. Chronically elevated blood sugar accelerates the aging process and predisposes you to a whole host of diseases: cancer, diabetes, hardening of the a…