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An All-Too-Common Observation

I’m unsure as to whether or not it’s a manifestation of laziness or entitlement or maybe a little of both. After all, the two often coexist. I’ll let you decide. HEALTH TAKES WORK. Why is it that patients ask me if they “have to work out” if engaging me as their physician? Hmm… Do I have some sort of magic elixir that will remedy their problems sans effort on their behalf? No! Sure, metformin an…

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5 Biggest Mistakes When Going "Keto"

The ketogenic diet can be treacherous, at least during the induction phase. Why? Simple. You are essentially “forcing” your body to use an alternate energy source, namely ketones, which are the metabolic by-products of fatty acid breakdown. This is accomplished by dropping daily carbohydrate load significantly in order to ultimately deplete liver glycogen stores, the “on-switch” for ketogenesis.…

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Can a Ketogenic Diet Can Work for You?

KETOGENIC DIETS work for everyone, period. After all, from a physiologic standpoint, we are all the same! That said, if you’re looking to shed fat fast (and many are), a ketogenic diet might be your best bet. But not so fast, there are several things you must consider before hopping onto the keto-bandwagon. “Keto” is the craze nowadays, akin to “Paleo” several years ago. Truth be told, both diets…